Ha ha ha

A quote I heard at a party...

Manhattan Mono

A project based on the promotion of a silent film festival. Still need to photograph completed brochure and posters...


Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery produces larges typographic billboard pieces, recycled sunlight pieces and drawings. On his website, his work is described as poetic and melancholic post-situationist tradition. I particularly like his typographic light work and the settings he has chosen to photograph them in.



A drawing.


This is a campaign produced by advertising agency Fallon for French Connection. Really love the photography, typography and humour in these images.

Navajo Aztec

Found all this boss aztec wear on a fashion blog by Keano Ross. Want it all.

Anthony Burrill

Anthony Burrill's poster campaign for the worst hotel in the world.

James Joyce

James Joyce is a London based artist and designer whose work I really like. Here is a selection of his work ranging from personal prints to commissioned magazine covers.